Bazooka Screen

1.Other Name: Bazooka Screen,Brewing Filters, Mash Screen,Boil Screen, Kettle Screen, Kettle Tube Screen.

2.Material: 304 stainless steel mesh 16mesh*0.45mm, 304 stainless steel fitting

3.Sizes: 6inch/12inch length, 1 inch diameter, 1/2"NPT/BSP thread

4.Sample: Free and Available


(1)This stainless steel mesh screen tube makes an ideal hop strainer in your boil kettle, or a perfect filter in your mash tun to separate your wort from your grain during lautering and sparging.

(2) This mesh screen tube is designed to attach to the back of a bulkhead inside a boil kettle or mash tun for easy wort removal.

(3) The mesh screen is fine enough to filter wort for a plate chiller or counter-flow chiller, yet not too fine to clog up with pellet hops.

6.Packing: Each one with a plastic bag and labelled. Special requirement can be made.

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