Compressed Knitted Mesh Filter

● 304 316 904L 430 410 310 321 stainless
● 2205 2507 duplex stainless
● Pure nickel , titanium
● Inconel 600 and 601 625
● Monel 400 K500


Compressed knitted wire mesh components are formed or pressed into various shapes such as discs, cylinders, rings or squares that are widely used in automotive and industrial applications for filtration, sealing, anti-Vibration, Sound Attenuation and heat absorption.
Knitted wire mesh components can virtually be produced in any size, shape, or density to enable easy assembly, riveting or spot welding, keeping costs to a minimum. Common shapes of knitted wire mesh are: ring, disc, cylindrical, rectangular, square, cube, strips, etc.

Advantages of compressed knitted mesh
High strength and integral rigidity.
Good air penetrability.
Easy to assemble and replace.
Durable and long service life.
Easy to clean and maintenance.
Excellent filter precision and impedance.
Abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.
High and low temperature resistance.
Can be used combined with expanded metal or woven wire mesh for better filtering performance.

Applications of compressed knitted mesh
Compressed knitted mesh can be used as knitted mesh filter for oil-gas separation, air purification in various mechanical equipment.
It can be used as knitted wire muffler for the sealing, shock absorption, sound reduction and exhaust purification device in the auto parts.
Compressed knitted mesh can be used as shielding device in the electronics and electric appliance.