Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Cap


304 316 904L 430 410 310 321 stainless, copper, brass,
Pure nickel , titanium,Inconel,Monel

Edge: stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass

Filter Cap is made of single layer or multi-layer metal mesh. The metal mesh layer and mesh count are decided by different conditions of use and purpose. With high concentricity rate, big pressure resistant, stainless steel material, no burr, long service life.

1.Chemical products
2.Foodstuffs and spices (milk powder, coffee, tea, rice, grains)
3.Stones and powders (minerals, diamond sizing, ores, alumina)
4.Pharmaceutical products
5.Boards and fixing plates (dividing shavings and wadding)
6.Paper (sieving wood shavings, preparation of coatings)
7.Metal powders (Precision sieving of metal powders)
9.Animal feedstuffs (dedusting pellets, sieving crumbs, molasses based foodstuffs) 10.Fertilisers (phosphates, potash, urea, mixed fertilisers)
11.Sugar and salt (sizing)
12.plastic Recycling