Sintered Mesh

-Material: SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L.
Special Alloy Steel:Hastelloy C-276, Monel 400, Inconel600, SS904, SS904L, Duplex steel 2205 Stainless steel etc
-Layers and thickness
Five Layers-1.7mm Six Layers-3.5mm (Special specification can be customized)
-Common sheet sizes:
500mm*1000m, 1000mm*1000mm, 600mm*1200mm, 1200mm*1200mm, 1300mm*130mm
-Minimum micron size: 1 micron
-Types: Sintered flat sheet and Sintered tube

1. Good strength and rigidity: having good mechanical strength and resistance of compression. Convenient to be machined, welded and assembled.
2. High precision and stable performance: The fact that the filter layer is at the second layer makes itself well protected and ensures consistent and homogeneous filter precision. High durability can be maintained persistently during operation.
3. Corrosion resistance and heat resistance: the material of stainless steel 316L has remarkable features of corrosion resistance and heat resistance. The maintainable temperature is ranged from -200℃ to 480℃ and it is still active under the condition of acid and alkali.
4.Easy to clean: With excellent backwashing construction, it can be reused numerously for longer service life.
Sintered wire mesh widely used in petrochemicals, metallurgy, machinery, energy, environmental, electric power, textile, aviation, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries in respect of filtration and purification, separation and recycle of solid particle, decentralized cooling in extreme heat environment, gas sampling collection, flame resistance and explosion proof, etc