Tungsten Wire Mesh

Material:Bright pure tungsten wire,tungsten content> 99.95%,black pure tungsten wire
Mesh count:2-200 mesh
Features:Tungsten wire mesh surface is smooth,greaseless and no broken wire,Tungsten wire is with stable nature,large resistance,high melting point,resistance to high temperature of 3400 degrees.
Application:electromagnetic shielding mesh,vacuum heat treatment furnace grate,RF electromagnetic shielding,high filtering,Tungsten wire mesh is high temperature resistant and often used as vacuum furnace tungsten mesh heating element,heat treatment supporting wire mesh.

Molybdenum Wire Mesh

Material:pure molybdenum wire,molybdenum alloy wire
Mesh count:1-300 part are in stock
Melting point:2610-2640 degree.
Weaving:plain weave,twill weave,dutch weave
Features:High tensile strength,low elongation,acid and alkaline resistant,corrosion resistant,high temperature resistant,good electricity-conductivity,lightweight,various hole shapes,excellent filtering performance.
Application:Aerospace,nuclear power fields,elector-vacuum industry,glass furnaces,petroleum,oil and gas industry,new energy industries,food processing industry.