Wedge Wire and Support Fin

1. Material: 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 430, 321, 321H, 8825, 310S, 904L, Hastelloy, 2205, 2507 , Titanium etc
2. Shape: V-shaped wire, triangular wire, wedge wire, T-shaped wire, house shaped wire, square wire, semi-circular wire, etc
3. General
Wedge wire is a welded steel structure, mainly used for filtration, separation and retention media.
It consists of surface profiles, usually V-shaped, that are resistance welded onto support profiles. The distance between the surface profiles is controlled very accurately, as it forms the slot through which the filtrate flows.
In case of V-shaped surface profiles conical slots are created (as shown on figure).


4.Filtrations Direction
The direction of the flow is determined by the position of the surface profiles in relation to the support profiles. Wedge wire screens are either flow-out-to-in (FOTI) or flow-in-to-out (FITO)

Non-clogging the continuous slot formed by the V-shaped surface wires ensures a two-point contact between the particles and the slot, which minimizes clogging.
High-precision slot sizes: precise slot sizes are available to meet customer´s requirements.
Surface filtration: the V-shaped surface wires allow easy cleaning by mechanical scraping or back flushing.
Low pressure-drop
Strong construction: for most applications, the wedge wire screen is self-supporting, because of the welding at each intersection.

6. Package: Wooden Spool, galvanized spool, wooden box etc